Mark Various Uses of Persimmon Tannin

Medical Uses

EffectsExamples of
tannin dyeing
Lowering blood pressure Tannin dyeing Persimmon tannin has been used as folk medicine for treating stroke in Japan and as herbal medicine in China since ancient times.
Recovering from intoxication Tannin dyeing A persimmon fruit, as an herbal medicine, is effective for recovery from intoxication. Persimmon juice lowers the density of alcohol in the blood stream.
Relieving burns Tannin dyeing Persimmon tannin has a tendency to stick to human tissue. Since tannin prevents swelling at the level of cells and astringes cells, it suppresses the swelling and prevents blisters.
Relieving frostbite Tannin dyeing When persimmon tannin is absorbed into tissues, it protects cells, it astringes tissues, and it suppresses the propagation of bacteria.
Relieving diarrhea Tannin dyeing Persimmon tannin calms intestinal movements.
Treating bruises Tannin dyeing Persimmon tannin effectively slows subcutaneous bleeding.

Other Uses

Equipment for sake- making Tannin dyeing Persimmon tannin is used as paint for sake sacks, and wooden buckets.
Protecting fishing nets Tannin dyeing Persimmon tannin prevents the corrosion of  fishing nets made with natural materials.
Prevention of propagation of bacteria Tannin dyeing Persimmon tannin hardens the fiber of wood and paper,  prevents corrosion, and makes them waterproof. It has been used to make Japanese paper, umbrella, and wooden wear such as wooden cups.

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